Bomann MA 451 CB Metal food slicer


Bomann MA 451 CB Metal food slicer
Bomann MA 451 CB Metal food slicer




- This appliance is used for cutting food. It is intended solely for this purpose and should only be used for this.
- It should only be used as per the descriptions provided in these operating instructions.
- This appliance should not be used for commercial purposes.
- Any other use of the appliance shall be deemed to be contrary to the intended purpose and can lead to damage to property or even to personal injury.
- The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damages which arise as a result of the


MA 451 CB Metal Food Slicer


- Big stainless steel blade (Ø190 mm),
- Rustproof
- Universal serrated blade
- Motor housing: aluminium die cast
- On/off switch
- Metal guiding rail
- Metallic guiding board- Food grip with finger protection
- Continuously adjustable cutting size (0–15 mm)
- Tilted supporting table with stainless steel insert, tiltable for easy cleaning
- High stability -220-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 150 W

Bomann MA 451 CB Metal food slicer


- This appliance is for private use only. Use it only for its intended purpose. This appliance is not intended for commercial use. Do not use the appliance outdoors. Keep it away from heat, direct sunlight, humidity (do not submerge in liquids under any circumstances) and sharp edges. Do not use the appliance with wet hands. If the appliance becomes wet or damp, pull the plug out immediately.
-  Switch the appliance off and always pull the plug out of the socket (pull on the plug, not on the cable) when you are not using the appliance, when you are attaching accessories, for cleaning or if there are any faults.
-  Never leave the appliance unattended. If you leave the room, always switch the appliance off. Pull the plug out of the socket.
-  The appliance and the power cable must be checked regularly for signs of damage. If damage is discovered, stop using the appliance.
-  Only use original accessories.
-  For the safety of your children, do not place any of the packaging items (plastic bag, box, polystyrene etc.) within their reach. WARNING: Do not let young children play with the film. Risk of suffocation! • Pay attention to the following ‘Special Safety Instructions’.