Introducing the Galileo Venting Hob..

Faberhoods Galileo NG
Faberhoods Galileo NG

The Galileo venting hob is an innovative combination of cooker hood and induction hob in one stylish unit. The hood is situated in the centre of the hob and draws air downwards beneath the counter before being expelled, which gives improved views of the kitchen as there is no hood above.

The induction hob has 4 cooking zones, with each side of the hob able to bridge the front and back zones to create extra-large, flexible cooking areas. The Galileo has a host of induction technologies such as an automatic setting, power boost and a timer for each zone.

Faberhoods Galileo NG
Faberhoods Galileo NG
Faberhoods Galileo NG

Faber has worked tirelessly developing the Galileo so that the installation is as easy and flexible as possible. The Galileo’s state-of-the-art extraction system has a fully waterproof motor that will continue to work as normal even once wet as well as an easy to access spill reservoir. The extractor is covered by a removable, sturdy cast iron cover that can withstand heat.

The Galileo has one of the most compact motor designs on the market for a venting hob, which opens up more usable space beneath the hob. The Galileo has a simple to install ducting system, and can easily be recirculated with the addition of a Recirculation kit.



The hood is automatically activated when needed by an innovative sensor, allowing you you to get the most out of your extractor


- Booster
- Timer


The extractor will turn on at the most suitable speed automatically, adapting the extraction capacity to the maximum cooking level. This setting can be deactivated and the hood can also be controlled manually.


Any liquid spilled during cooking flows directly into a suction grille and is collected in a tray under the hood, which is small enough to leave space for a sink style utensil drawer.


The brushless motor guarantees considerable energy saving coupled with high extraction efficiency. It is the most silent motor on the market and its performance remains stable in any usage condition


The Intensive Speed function activates maximum extraction for 6 minutes to meet special cooking needs and clean odours quickly



- Air Capacity (m³h) : 470 ,590 ,700
- Pressure (PA) : 350 , 590 , 800
- Power (Watt) : 65 , 110 ,145
- Noise Level (db) : 66 ,73, 76


- Galileo Long Lasting Charcoal Filter H60
- Galileo Long Lasting Charcoal Filter H100
- Galileo Complete Recirculating Kit 100H
- Galileo Complete filter installation kit 60-80


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