Divus. Art Of Visualisation For Building Automatio Divus Touchzone



The product innovation for more comfort and security in every smart building!

The touchpanel combines the functions of a smartphone with building security functions. It is the product innovation for more comfort and security in every smart building!


With the DIVUS Synchronizer we give you the possibility to make your work easier and more uncomplicated, which of course also saves you time and money. The commissioning of projects where several DIVUS TOUCHZONE are involved is going to be much faster thanks to this tool! The DIVUS Synchronizer lets you access remote, create backups, and restore devices. You are free to comfortably work from your office, without having to be on site with the customer!



The all-rounder on your wall The elegant and unobtrusive design of DIVUS TOUCHZONE impresses with its harmonious appearance, and inspires architects and interior designers. The touchpanel can be installed horizontally or vertically, in the classic DIVUS design where the DIVUS TOUCHZONE is hung on the wall in a featherweight fashion and only the 3 mm thick glass (color black or white) projects from the wall. The panel livens up the options.


- Size 1 : 17.8 cm
- Size 2 : 25.7 cm
- Size 3 : 39.6 cm
- Size 4 : 47 cm


The high-quality materials glass and aluminum give DIVUS TOUCHZONE its elegant and unobtrusive appearance.


Have you installed a KNX system and want to improve it‘s capabilities and control with no hassle? Then the combination of the DIVUS TOUCHZONE, ON TABLE CONSOLE and DIVUS KNX SERVER is an excellent choice. You just need to plug in the network cable and configure the visualization server to get started.


- Glass multi-Touchpanel for an intuitive handling in residential and commercial buildings
- Dedicated screen for controlling temperature, lighting, shading and more
- Home audio control panel
- An elegant interior intercom station
- Control panel for energy and security management of the building
- Artwork for the wall – Made in Italy
- Call system for office, surgery, conference room


DIVUS TOUCHZONE was awarded with the German Design Award as well as with the PlusX Award for BEST TOUCHPANEL OF THE YEAR, inthe categories „High Quality“, „Design“, „Ease od Use“ und „Functionality“. DIVUS is proud to receive the award of the “Best product of the year” from this international and independent panel of judges from 25 industries, 22 competent partners and a marketing investment of more than 25 million EUR. The Plus X Award is the world´s largest competition for technology, sports and lifestyle. Awards are given for new and innovative technologies, extraordinary design and intelligent, easy to use operating systems. DIVUS TOUCHZONE was already honoured with the internationally renowned “Plus X Award” in the following four categories: “High Quality”, “design”, “Ease of use” and “Functionality”.


- Backup + Restore of TOUCHZONE conveniently from the office chair: should a panel fail, do not worry! Your project is secure!
- Pre-configuration of the DIVUS TOUCHZONE at the office: at the construction site, the settings only need to be transferred to the other devices - uncomplicated and professional!
- You can unlock a remote access: changes can also be made by way of the screenshot of the device. This means that you have a control function without moving from your office.
- Remote access is designed for troubleshooting: you can check the affected functions directly from the office and respond promptly to the problem - your customer will thank you! Because we are not telling you anything new: satisfied customers are returning customers.


ON TABLE CONSOLE is a great combination with the 7“ multi-touch screen you can use on your desk, counter or at the reception area. It sports handy controls for room functions, music, door entry systems and much more. The ON TABLE CONSOLE is an excellent companion in the office, living environment, meeting rooms or even the doctor‘s office. The relatively small 17,8cm (7") device is compact enough to not take too much space, but large and comfortable enough for using all important functions with ease and delight.

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