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Belshaw Esmach Spi 30-300 F Advanced Spiral Mixers



Available In 10 Sizes From 65-650 Lbs Of Dough

From Esmach - top grade advanced spiral mixers designed for bakeries that need premium dough quality and proven reliability.

The SPI series is the latest mixer line from Esmach, representing the pinnacle of technology for this class of mixers, from a company with a long history of mixers that bakers love using. Choice of 10 bowl sizes with a dough capacity from 65 lbs to 650 lbs (50 to 400 quarts)



Bowl, dividing blade and spiral arm engineered in hygienic stainless steel for quick and easy cleaning


Independent motors for both the bowl and spiral arm (One motor for 30 and 45 kg models)


Two working speeds for the bowl and spiral arm


Stainless steel safety grid to conform to the strictest safety requirement


Optional extras include built-in water meter, dough thermometer and dispenser for grainy ingredients.


Simple to use control panel to store 9 of your frequently used recipes.


- Steel frame properly enlarged and strengthened to confer firm stability to the machine structure even during the most demanding processes and to transfer entirely the mechanical energy, developed by the tool, to the dough kneading,
- Outer paneling painted with an anticorrosion double epoxy powder coating and suitable for food contact.
- Stability and levelling on the floor assured by three casters with blocking wedges useful for handling the machine while cleaning it deeply in the area underneath the frame.
- Stainless steel bowl with stainless steel rim for extra support, dividing blade and spiral arm.
- Transparent bowl lid suitable for food contact in compliance with the strictest hygienic and safety regulations.
- Innovative flat cover top in scratch-resistant ABS, divided in two sections.


- Electric panel in an IP55 protection box against flour dust and water sprays.
- Direct power transmission for the rotation of both spiral arm and bowl generated by trapezoidal drive belts on multi-groove pulleys.
- Independent motors for bowl and spiral arm in the models from 60 to 300 kg. An only one motor for 30 and 45 kg mo-dels. - Two working speeds for bowl and spiral arm.
- Reversal of bowl rotation at first speed (except 30 and 45 kg models).
- Functional and innovative command console with rotation in both left and right directions and with an operative angle of 120°, allowing ideal ergonomic comfort also in narrow working rooms.
- Manual or automatic selection and monitoring of working cycle through a membrane keyboard panel in the electronic version only. Storage of up to 9 recipe




- Optimum balance between bowl rotation and spiral arm enabling a right kneading flow and a soft and gentle dough kneading. 
- Perfectly shaped spiral arm rotation inside the bowl and right accurate proportions among bowl, spiral arm and dividing blade well matched together to get homogeneous, soft and distinguished dough also while using small dough amounts.
- Accurate bowl and spiral arm speed for an excellent dough kneading and its processing through stretching and lengthening, allowing continuous and constant dough kneading with a significant reduction of the processing time and limited heating up of the dough.


- Small trolley suitable for spiral mixer handling; The electronic version of the model can be supplied with the following accessories:
- Lid + grid: stainless steel grid in addition to the transparent lid.
- Water dispenser directly on the bowl with liter meter, mixer for manual temperature and temperature sensor on display. - Dough temperature detector with infrared sensor, visualization on display and stop option of the working process or immersion temperature detector with external sensor connected to the circuit board.

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